Refunds FAQ

Question: Tell me about refunds?
Answer: Refunds are available to resellers who purchase a product on which the NORA assessment has been imposed, and when the product is not sold for heating oil uses. You can collect on the following dates: March 1st to February 6th and from September 1st to current.

Question: Give me some examples of uses which are not heating oil?
Answer: Non heating oil uses include fuel for industrial purposes, use on a farm to grow plants or heat a greenhouse or barn, use in a boat, use in a bus, construction equipment, trains, or any use where the heat is not being generated for heating water for either heating or domestic hot water use, or heating space for human habitation.

Question: When will refunds be issued?
Answer: Refunds are to be issued on a monthly basis.  However, you may submit refund requests to cover multiple months, and all refund requests should be submitted at least annually, and prior to April 25th of the following year that the refund is due for. 

Question: Do I have to keep records to justify a refund?
Answer: Yes, NORA may need to verify refunds, and will need records to verify. However, we believe that your own corporate records will be sufficient. An audit standards meeting is planned for this summer to address this issue in detail.

Question: Are there penalties for sending in false refund claims?
Answer: Sending in a false refund claim is mail fraud, and is thus a federal crime.

Question: Where do I send my refund application?
Answer: Form 782A : NORA c/o Halt, Buzas and Powell 1199 N. Fairfax Street, 10th Floor, Alexandria, VA  22314.  Or email it to  

Question: I sell heating oil to a state government that uses it to heat a library, can I get a refund?
Answer: No, the NORA assessment is built into the price of heating oil, and there are no special refunds. Additionally, NORA will conduct research on commercial heating systems that will directly benefit governments that use oilheat for their heating purposes.

Question: I am a marketer and sell nearly 95 percent of the product I sell to mines and farmers, and only 5 percent is sold for heating oil. Should I be on the exclusionary list?
Answer: You should not be on the exclusionary list. However, NORA will try to develop rules that limit the amount of refunds that you must file for. Additionally, NORA will consider expediting refunds for marketers who need speedier refunds.

Question:  What Form?
Use Form 782A.  If you download this form, it will do calculations and then will remember information, and you can submit it by pressing send button.  It will be sent from your email, so you will also have a record.